Pharmaceutical marketing tips to open the pharmacies

Opening a pharmacy is one of the easiest part about beginning your own pharmacy. The difficult part is attracting customers to your pharmacy and marketing your pharmacy the correct way so you are able to make customers.

So how should one market their pharmacies? Below we have compiled some key points based on the advice given by entrepreneurs and marketers on how you can market your pharmacy.

Pharmacy today is not just about going and getting pills, according to the prescription. It also involves exploding your limits to mail-order pharmacies, to online services and developing either local pharmacies or chains. For each of these while marketing your pharmacy and attracting customers is good, you should also develop a rapport with the doctors too.

The first thing you can do is to do a survey of the area where you are opening a pharmacy. Get to know what medicines are most demanded by patients or prescribed the most by doctors in that area. You can also have questionnaires filled or a suggestion box set up somewhere through which people can tell which medicines they have difficulties finding in their locality.

To get doctors to respond to you, you should build a rapport with doctors. One of the best and most practical way is to build a partnership with the doctors when you open your pharmacy. You can stick all the medicines and equipments these doctors prescribe the most or use the most.

Another thing you can do is to offer services that make your pharmacy easily accessible. For instance, taking online orders, delivering these orders to their homes or workplace as they require. You can also offer personalized educational programs like a dietary plan for diabetics, weight loss guides, all of course in collaboration with doctors.

Another great way would be to offer the specific medications that are required of the seasons. For instance, you can offer flu vaccines in winters or falls. A good idea would be to also advertise these special offers, vaccines, the educational programs and delivery services broadly. You can resort to flyers or newspaper advertisements as you wish. If it is feasible then you can also let a small billboard or create a small animation advertisement for television or local radio to run for you.

Also, always stock alternative medicines to the ones regularly used by the patients.  You can also have doctor’s double check this list and approve it. In this way you will build a loyal patient database who will know that they will always find medicines they need at your pharmacy. While these could be homeopathic medicines also, make sure you know the constituents too so nothing cross-reacts.

Lastly, you can also open small booths at fairs or at locations close to the hospital where you can brief about the details of your pharmacy, your services and offers. This will help direct customers towards your pharmacy and while they might have ignored the advertisements, this could help them.

Keeping these pointers in mind, it would be great to open your pharmacy and help in the marketing of it!

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Written by Dr. Aref Alabed ,