Founder Letter

Welcome to our kingdom!
You are special, ladies and gentlemen and I would like to welcome you to our academy, which is the first of its kind in the MENA region. Our courses are highly customized to appeal to a variety of learning styles, thus making them appeal to all our learning styles. We use the latest training materials and methods to facilitate learning and to make the process enjoyable and engaging. Our courses are delivered by experts in the medical field and you will be eligible to receive a CPD-certified certificate after attending any of our courses. Our services are well described in our vision, Become a pioneer in creating true healthcare leaders with creativity and innovation and we are constantly working to make that happen!

I received my bachelor s in Dentistry in June 2005 from Simferopol, then traveled to Jordan and passed the Jordanian Dental Exam. I opened my own clinic for three years and during those three years, I learned Germany language with the expectation to move to Germany and continue my specialization there,  but l couldn t get acceptance in Orthodontics, where l wished to specialize. I turned my attention to finding a job in the Gulf.  Eventually, I received an offer to work in the KSA. In 2011, I decided to continue my lifelong pursuit of learning to achieve my dreams but at the time that meant going to Spain and having to learn Spanish Language which was really hard to do having already developed skills in 4 languages; Arabic, English, Russian and German. So I didn t go to Spain for this reason. At the same time l had another option to go to Malaysia. I was not satisfied being far away from my family for years so l decided to go back to KSA and I returned to work in the KSA in the same poly clinic l was working for, for the last 3 years. That moment was an important moment for me, when l decided to develop my management skills to improve both myself and my practice. I used all of my time to plan and recruit, travelling large distances to hire doctors and nurses, searching for the latest technology to install in our clinic and its offshoot laboratory. My team and I grew amazingly during that time, both as individuals and as a group, we could increase the income, customer satisfaction and the image for the poly clinic. In January 2013, I decided to study MBA and attended Northampton University in England. In 2014, I decided to go back to Jordan to work for Dawacom, the largest pharmaceutical chain in Jordan. I was hired as a director for marketing. In November of 2015, I was assigned to be the international relations director. It was then that I opened my academy in the United Kingdom.

In all of my worldwide trips during the last few years, I discovered a startling gap in the quality and number of MENA region hospitals and healthcare. In examining the possible causes for this, I have discovered that the root of this issue that healthcare professionals are not being trained for leadership, management, and communication. Thus, I was motivated to remedy this problem with an academy that will train medical professionals in skills that are essential in improving the region’s healthcare to the level of quality that you can find in the United Kingdom.

 We aim to infuse creativity and professionalism in the medical world by crafting top-rated courses delivered with expertise, offering a blend of interpersonal and leadership qualities in medical professionals. Plus our services are designed to offer 100% satisfaction to patients.

 It was not a simple feat to gain accreditation for the courses taught at my academy, as they must conform to a level of knowledge that is required of doctors for example who have never been introduced to this information. The training methods used in the courses must be relevant to real life, yet engaging and unique at the same time. The academy uses the latest techniques to enrich its courses and encourage valuable discussions. Our courses have been designed with the nature, skills, and knowledge of medical professionals in mind.Accept no imitations, accept no substitutes – make a change today!

Best Regards
Dr. Aref Alabed

CEO & Founder 

About IMTA

The International Medical Training Academy has been created to assist each and every medical officer, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, nurse and all healthcare professionals to be better equipped to facilitate patient relationships with the   best possible tools. Our focus is to keep medical and health centres alive and thriving from the inside out; and that includes planning for success.

Our services are defined by the quality of training we provide to our customers who require more awareness and medical knowledge to apply in their career. We are running one of the United Kingdom’s training academies focused on serving the people of the MENA region & Asia where we feel there have been a great opportunities to build patient satisfaction, even with the high quality of technology available; we know interpersonal skills development can make a really positive and performance enhancing difference. Therefore IMTA has taken the initiative of introducing customized management & Medical course activities which not only provide information about managing patients needs and communicating with them effectively, but also involve various new methods and techniques that help you achieve your goals as well.


Become a pioneer in creating true healthcare leaders with creativity and innovation.


We aim to infuse creativity and professionalism in the medical world by crafting top-rated courses delivered with expertise, offering a blend of interpersonal and leadership qualities in medical professionals. Our innovative and customized learning tools ensure the best service possible. We aim to enhance patient s experiences by offering them the revolutionary services they truly deserve.


Our philosophy is one of trust, dealing with customers in union to provide the maximum level of ingenuity and service quality. Our medical training academy is specialized in enhancing the skills of medical staff that are not normally developed in medical school.
Our courses are being presented for the first time in the MENA region, unique to the region. All attendees will receive accredited certificates of completion from one of the highest esteemed training organizations in the United Kingdom- the same accreditation that is given to staff trained in the United Kingdom. We offer specialized course paths for aspiring doctors, dentists, pharmacists, medical representatives, nurses and receptionists. International Medical Training Academy values the true commitment and sincerity of its partners toward spreading more advanced medical knowledge.


We believe in offering professional services; following the international standards that best express the true meaning of professionalism.
For us, it’s all about transparency! All of our courses are conducted under the laws and regulations of Britain – offering you complete peace of mind!
Enjoying Learning:
We use a blend of different learning methods to make sure students are mentally and practically stimulated while learning as much as possible. With a friendly team of trainers to support and encourage you.
Whole Team Approach:
We believe in building relationships by supporting all medical personnel and their teams in fulfilling their goals.
Holistic Living:
It’s just about getting ready for modern living; we create a holistic environment by encouraging and rewarding the application of newly-learned skills in all areas of life.
Added Value:
We aim to offer long-term results! We constantly seek new ways to increase the value of our services to ensure that our clients have a rewarding experience.
We stand with you! We work solely for the good and wellbeing of others by fulfilling our promises and respecting all.
We are way better than cookie-cutter solutions. We believe in offering education that appeals to and supports all learning styles.

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