Doctors, dentists, pharmacists and nurses will be glad to know that International Medical Training Academy has developed partnerships with some of the UK s leading health certified institutions. Our partners define our integrity and true commitment towards our goals.  The services we provide in the form of medical training and activities are largely dependent on the support from our partners who share a common vision with us!
Below is some information about our valued partners who have truly made us what we are today! International Medical Training Academy is the only prominent platform which offers its services to the medical reps, doctors , nurses, pharmacists and dentists of MENA region and Asia.
CPD standards: Continuous Professional Development

The CPD standards is an accrediting organization in the United Kingdom and works globally to raise the standard of training and educational activities and procedures. All CPD accreditations are assessed by a third party to ensure the quality and viability of the course in question. Each course is measured against a rigorous assessment methodology.

We aim to deliver high quality courses that ensure inclusive, collaborative training and education. Our marks of excellence for attendees demonstrate that our courses conform to CPD practices and are appropriate for inclusion in a formal CPD record. Accreditation ensures that high standards of education are constantly maintained, helping you to choose our academy with confidence. On completion of courses, attendees have the option of receiving a CPD certificate.
What does that mean to you?  

Accreditation ensures high standards are maintained, helping you to choose a training provider who has been quality checked and who will continue to develop training of a high standard. Which will definitely enrich your resume.


MTa packages are unique,  with an opportunity to learn in a less traditional way. With over 30 years of global experience in the development and design of educational activities, MTa is a perfect fit for our academy.  
What makes MTA different is that each of their activities focuses on the learning experience as much as taking part in the activity.

What does that mean for you?You will be able to apply the learning from the task back to the workplace to improve and enhance your performance.
Being experiential, you get to learn in a fun, creative and innovative way. MTa packages are unique providing you with an opportunity to learn by doing which makes your training is interesting.

University of Northampton
Dr. Aref Alabed is an authorized representative for the University of Northampton in the region of (Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt). He is able to assist students looking to continue their studies at the University of Northampton and can help them to apply and get acceptance from the University for all level of studies (English courses, undergraduate, Masters & PhD.)


Nottingham training & development academy

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