IMTA international medical training academy

IMTA international medical training academy

Advanced Strategic
Leadership Excellence

Course Description

This leadership course embarks into the essential fundamental aspects of leadership on your career pathway. Set over the course using a combination of discussion debates, case studies, research and immersion sessions, you will explore experientially how to emerge more fully as a leader and to harness the workforce to transform. By attending this intensive leadership course, you will master leadership with a broad range of skills and knowledge that will excel your potential. By contextualizing the humanistic skills with your leadership skills you will discover the path of least resistance to achieve goals. In doing so you will leverage more time to grow the organization due to gains in the effectiveness and efficiency acquired. The dedicated ability to foresee opportunities and create the future is naturally the terrain of strategic leadership. To shift paradigms that open incredible opportunities in innovation, success and empowering the workforce to grow and deliver. This course enriches your leadership map preparing you to transform your organization and its blueprint. The course will wrap with a summary of the key learning points, followed by an action planning exercise with a view to apply the acquired knowledge and skills immediately upon your return to work. Post-course support is also available in relation to the implementation of your action plan, up to six (6) months following course completion.Through the above article, we can recommend you the latest dresses.Shop dress in a variety of lengths, colors and styles for every occasion from your favorite brands.

Leadership – The Pursuit of Excellence

  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Mission to Be the Best
  • Managing Change by Raising Standards
  • Leader board Comparative Analysis

Key Leadership Qualities

  • Leadership Characteristics and Traits
  • What Makes Great Leaders
  • Psychological Mindset of Leaders
  • Leading with Logic and Emotions

Decision-Making Skills

  • The Decision-Making Process
  • How to Skilfully Persuade
  • Team-led Approaches to Decision-Making
  • Structured Critical Thinking

Managing Stakeholder Expectations

  • Principles in Engaging Stakeholders
  • Aligning from Grassroots to Boardroom
  • Mobilizing Stakeholder Support
  • Managing Expectations

Empowering the Workforce

  • Blanchard’s Situational Analysis and Leadership Relatability
  • Person-Centred Leadership and Succession Planning
  • Fielders Contingency Theory
  • Developing a Performance-led Workforce

Influencing with Integrity

  • Mastering Humanistic Communication Skills
  • Leadership Accountability
  • Approaches to Transparent Leadership
  • NLP the Art of Influence PACE + LEAD Models

Negotiating Skills for Leaders

  • Creating Win-Win Outcomes
  • Developing a Flair for Negotiation
  • Proven Negotiation Methodology and Techniques
  • Understanding Interests, Positions and Benefits

The Politics of Leadership

  • Understanding the Ethical Framework
  • Diplomacy Skills
  • Handling Difficult Scenarios

Leveraging Your Strengths for Leadership Impact

  • How to Leverage Authority, Influence and Power
  • Leaders Who Make a Difference
  • Leadership Strengths Analysis Tools
  • Delivering Impact

Leadership Strategy

  • Generating New Outcomes and Options
  • Building Winning Business Models
  • Strategic Planning for Leaders
  • Scaling Business Success

Leading and Enabling Change

  • Managing Change through Resistance
  • Leadership Best Practice
  • Organizational Culture and Climate
  • Theoretical Frameworks PESTLE Model

Finding Purpose and Direction

  • Creating New Strategic Maps
  • Sector Analysis and Modelling
  • Prerequisites to Changing Strategy

Course Review

  • Summary and recap of key learning objectives
  • Action Planning


  • This leadership course is suitable for:

    • Heads of Organizations, Chief Officers, Chairpersons, Board Members, Directors and Entrepreneurs.
    • Heads of Departments.
    • Senior Managers and High Performance Executives.


  • Upon completion of this leadership course, you will be able to:

    • Comprehensively understand leadership principles and apply them.
    • Explore the leadership styles and the psychological basis that underpins great leadership.
    • Apply high-level decision-making approaches to deliver robust leadership strategies.
    • Master key aspects of leadership using a mixture of pragmatic and logical considerations.
    • Hone both your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to increase influence and persuasion.
    • Debate and negotiate in a manner to get acceptance from stakeholders to proceed with the organization’s mission.
    • Activate the operational capacities of all strategic business units using influence, authority and power.
    • Overhaul corporate strategy and business plans.
    • Navigate internal and external forces by excelling in leadership drivers.
    • Implement an Action Plan at your workplace using the knowledge and skills acquired through the course.

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03 to 21 Jun – 2024