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IMTA international medical training academy

Modern strategic
leadership course for
communications and media

Course Description

In today’s ever-changing world, effective leadership matters, for that all leaders need to have knowledge about modern strategic leadership for communications and media.
Whether you’re looking to improve your core leadership skills or need the insights and tools to implement change in your organization, our programs are explicitly designed to address key needs at specific career stages that will help you maximize your impact.

What Is Leadership Communication?

Leadership communications consists of messages related to company culture and core values.
These messages are of a significant importance to the key stakeholders such as employees, customers, strategic partners, shareholders and media.
Communication coming from leaders is essential because it has a direct impact on the company’s vision, mission and ability to embrace change.
The most important goal of messages coming from leaders is to build trust in the workplace and keep employees engaged.

The importance of the modern strategic leadership course for communications and media
This course cultivates an appreciation of the crucial relationship between strategic communication and leadership.
This understanding is explored through a consideration of the role contemporary leaders should play in addressing urgent and complex challenges facing society.
This course provides an excellent opportunity for those from a variety of backgrounds to gain awareness of the issues, insights and concepts shaping society and Business, both now and in the future.
You’ll develop knowledge on the strategic importance of communication to contemporary organisations and its impact on society.

Course Outcomes

On completion of this programme, you’ll walk away with:
1- Tools and frameworks to refine your personal leadership purpose, in alignment with the purpose of your organisation.
2- The skills to face workplace challenges, such as having difficult conversations, leading teams, and dealing with complexity.
3- Leadership strategies for driving organisational change and preparing for the future, while maintaining team performance.
4- You will learn that the foundations of success are the 6 skills that leaders possess.
5- Knowing about leadership programs around these skills
• Communication
• Leading Change
• Developing Self
• Emotional Intelligence
• Influence
• Leading for Inclusion

Modern strategic leadership course for communications and media curriculum

In five days, get the skills needed for managerial success including strategy formulation, negotiation, conflict resolution, decision-making, implementing change, and managing culture.
Over the duration of this programme, you’ll work your way through the following modules:

Day one- Effective leadership:

Effective leadership, Leading for high performance
Reflect on the relationship between effective leadership and performance in organisations.
Strategic thinking

Day two- The job of the leader

The job of the leader: Envisioning and engaging
Learn about vision and engagement as two core activities of leaders.
Choosing and connecting
Learn about decision-making and connection as two core activities of leaders.

Day three- power and influence

Leading with power and influence
Explore the significance of power and influence within leadership.
Leading teams for effective performance
Explore the functions and dynamics of high-performance leadership.This article mentions your favorite hats at super low prices. Choose from same-day delivery, drive-up delivery or order pickup. 

Day four- leading change

Strategies and models for leading change
Consider the role of the leader in driving change.
Crisis management and problem solving
Communications and media management in crisis resolution

Day five- evaluating communications

Mastering complexity and plurality
Explore strategies to manage the complexity inherent in leadership.
Reflect on your purpose as a leader
Establish alignment between your personal purpose and the purpose of your organisation.
Skills of evaluating communications inside and outside the organization and ways to correct them

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28 April – 2 May – 2024