IMTA international medical training academy

IMTA international medical training academy
IMTA international medical training academy


All our programmes are accredited from the CPD (Continuous professional development) in the UK and it’s converted to CME
in the GMC, GDC. In KSA it’s accredited from the Saudi Commission for Health specialisation. In Jordan, it’s accredited from Jordanian Medical Council. The CPD standards is an accrediting organisation in the United Kingdom and works globally to raise the standard of training and educational activities and procedures. All CPD accreditations are assessed by a third party to ensure the quality and viability of the courses
in question. Each course is measured against a rigorous assessment methodology.


• Dentist.
• MBA (Master Business Administration) – UK.
• CEO & Founder for IMTA (International Medical Training Academy) in London.
• Consultant in WHO (World Health Organisation).
• Accredited speaker from the CPD.
• Motivational speaker in healthcare conferences.
• Executive Coach in Healthcare.
• Covered 20 Countries and more for training and consultancy.

IMTA international medical training academy

• Design business developmental plan for the
dental clinic.
•Develop standards and policies for your business.
• Analyse and design the human resource management, job analysis, job description.
recruiting, selecting, training, orientation and build an internal policy.
• Design the work flow in your practice & set policies & procedures in your practice.
• Build a marketing plan and be familiar with the 7 P’s in marketing mix and the rules of promotions & branding your practice.
• Create daily and monthly accounting reports.
• Calculate net and gross profit for your service.

• Explain the differences between leadership & management & discuss how can we lead our staff!
• Introduce different ways and techniques in motivating your staff.
• Discuss teams character and differentiate different roles and identify how to increase their productivity.
• Discuss the factors affecting decision, explain types of decisions and how to make your decisions.
• Explain delegation process. 
• Discuss different ways to manage different meetings.
• Role play delivering effective Feedback & delegation.

• Explain communication process with patient.
• Discuss steps to build trust and make first impression with patient.
• Develop listening skills to understand your patient and build rapport.
• Create 4 steps to negotiate the price with the patient.
• Demonstrate role play to convince the patient with the treatment.
• Develop closing technique for treatment plan.
• Discuss techniques to handle angry and unsatisfied patient.

• Define social media & it’s role of social media & its impact.
• Identify social media channel & discuss different ways to use it in healthcare.
• Explain social media strategy and it’s step in healthcare.
• Design a social media plan.
• Discuss different approaches in dealing with negative comments & crisis response.

• Define the concept of “public speaking”.
• List down the steps of preparing for a public speech.
• Explain the methods of introducing and concluding a public speech.
• Explain how stage fright can be overcome.
• Find how a speaker can understand audience and comprehend that people learn differently.
• Illustrate what is meant by “training cycle” , learning styles and “Kolb’s learning cycle”.
• Discuss the criteria of an effective slides presentation as an auxiliary in public speaking.

• Identify the needs, wants & desires of your target audience including MTa experiential activity.
• Introduce SWOT and its application.
• Clarify what the marketing mix is and the role it plays in your marketing plan.
• Review the 4 P’s & 7 P’s of marketing with a service focus.
• Complete a marketing case study and top tips list.
• Create a marketing plan (real example).

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